Computer Programming & Video Game Design Major

High School
What can you say…it’s High School. I graduated 4.0 (although the previous years I didn’t take much of an interest) and did what was required of me to graduate.

I received IET training at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, AIT (77F) at Fort Lee, Virginia, and ASI (88M) at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. What’s all that mean? I was a glorified gas pumper. I did receive some college credit for the training I received in Fort Lee though. That training involved some lab work with petroleum products.

Currently enrolled in Bluegrass Community & Technical College. My major is Computer & Information Technology. I’ve received some certificates along the way (see below). And I’ve consistently made the Dean’s List every semester (although I can’t find a couple of the certificates).

HHC 277th Armor, Fort Carson, Colorado. circa 1995

In addition to certifications, I have around 39 years experience working with computers on various levels. Range of skills include, Server & Systems support, Network installation & Support, Productivity Software Use & Support, Web Design/Development, Software Coding (Visual Studio 2012 & VBA), Database Design, Gaming, Computer Builds, Troubleshooting, Adobe Product Suite (Photoshop, inDesign, Illustrator, Flash, etc.), Video/Audio Editing, etc.


Web Design / Development


Software Programming


Productivity Software


Systems & Networking Support