Work Experience

An overview of my previous work experience.

Current Employment – Vegas Cosmetic Surgery

Currently, I’m employed by Vegas Cosmetic Surgery as an IT Specialist. However, the term IT Specialist is used in the broadest sense. Day to day, my work consists of supporting both the internal network and systems (including servers) to designing advertisements for both print and email, to developing applications for meeting management purposes.

As a result, I’ve garnered a broad set of skills related to technology in a real working environment over the past 11 years. To that end, my skills with various software suites have increased and strengthened over time. Software that I use/support on a day-to-day basis with Vegas Cosmetic Surgery includes: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Acrobat Professional, Microsoft Office, and WordPress (CMS).

Bluegrass Community & Technical College

I worked at Bluegrass Community & Technical College as a helpdesk specialist for 2 years. My day to day job consisted of helping students and staff with IT related needs. This position was a work/study position and I felt that I could get some more on the job experience in the field while attending school.

Waldman Schantz Plastic Surgery

My employment with Waldman Schantz Plastic Surgery could be considered my first real job related to IT. I initially started work with the practice as a web designer, and it branched out into systems support as well. On the job, I strengthened my understanding of web design & development as well as how to support a busy plastic surgery practice.

2J Supply Company

While it seems like a life-time ago, I worked at 2J supply for almost 5 years. Actually, it may have been 3 years, but I worked for the place (with the same people) that 2J bought out for 2 years. So technically I worked for Ingram Heating Supply for 2 years, and then 2J Supply for another 3 years. My job title was warehouse/driver and I did basic warehouse work along with delivery of heating and air conditioning products to contractors.

US Army

From 91 to 95 I served in the US Army. My specialization was 77FH7 (I think it’s a different nomenclature now), which in normal terminology is Petroleum Supply Specialist. The H7 identifier was added on after being sent to truck driving school.

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